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deadmau5 releases highly-anticipated remixed orchestral album, ‘here’s the drop!’

deadmau5‘ acclaimed 2018 album, where’s the drop?, signaled a different direction for the Canadian superstar producer. Arriving as an orchestral reimagination of deadmau5’s canonical classics by composer Gregory Reveret, the LP was a step away from the computers and synthesizers and into the domain of classical instrumentation. Now deamau5 has enlisted a legion of industry icons, along with some promising newcomers, to turn back to the electronic on a 15-track follow-up project, here’s the drop!

A true symbol of postmodern art, the new album chapter features remixes of classical adaptations of deadmau5’s most popular hits, including “Imaginary Friends,” “Monophobia,” “Strobe,” and many more. The project invites industry veterans in Morgan PageMr. Bill, Matt Lange, and Pig & Dan as well as some from promising rising acts PEEKABOORinzen, and Tinklinker — all of whom have put their own unique visions on the classical stylings. A standout on the remix album is Mr. Bill’s glitched-out beats on “h2 8938 cephei (ov),” which dips heavily into IDM territory, oscillating between steady beat and broken beat. Gregory Revert even puts an electronic spin on his orchestral adaptation of “Coelacanth.”

From Spencer Brown’s stirring nine-minute cut of deadmau’5 “fn pig” and Rinzen’s chilled down rendition of “acadia” to Mad Zach‘s nostalgic 80s synth-fi take on “unjaded” and Morgan Page’s funky-synth driven re-imagining of “imaginary friends,” the entire album soars in its diversity and approach. The LP’s incredible range really speaks to deadmau5’s knack for wrangling up a group of incredibly talented electronic dance music tastemakers.