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Spencer Brown remixes deadmau5’s ‘fn pig (ov)’ for first single release from ‘here’s the drop!’

In rather unshocking recent news, deadmau5 has certainly had an easy time staying in the headlines lately. Between launching his Cube V3 tour and announcing his forthcoming here’s the drop! remix LP, the mau5trap boss is making moves and taking names. Those names include the likes of Morgan PageMr. BillPEEKABOORinzenMad Zach, and more, according to the album’s official tracklist announcement. It’s the follow-up album to 2018’s orchestral LP, where’s the drop?

However, Spencer Brown is first up in the remixing corner of the larger album arena. The San Fransisco native has always had a penchant for crafting forward-thinking dance music that defies quick-shifting industry trends. Now Brown has been entrusted with remixing composer Gregory Reveret’s 2018 orchestral adaptation of deadmau5’s “fn pig (ov).” Stripped down to its classical instrumental parts, Brown is tasked with re-envisioning the deadmau5 classic into his very own creation. In the process, he’s carved a fresh take on deadmau5’s progressive house canon by creating earworms that incorporate authenticity with accessibility.

here’s the drop! is due out on October 4. Pre-save the LP here.