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Gravitas newcomer Low Lite furnishes soulful debut EP, ‘Primary’

Low Lite may not be a name on everyone’s lips just yet, but that’s all about to change for fans of future funk, electro-soul, and bass music. The emerging artist has just signed on with Gravitas Recordings, bringing his saxophonist skills and classically trained mindset to the Austin-based imprint. He’s also just contributed as an official remixer on Haywyre’s Panorama: Discover Remixes EP alongside label mate Balkan Bump. At just 19-years-old, Low Lite now unveils his debut Primary EP via Gravitas.

The three-track project represents a fun walk in the park with its fun, passionately emblazoned, endorphin-inducing compositions. More than that, it takes a stroll through the electromagnetic spectrum. Not only is each song themed for how a specific primary color correlates to how a listener may feel, its a colorful journey into the electro-soul arena of dance music. Low Lite’s ultimate purpose with the EP is to move listeners through a metamorphosis, from infrared to ultraviolet.

Moving from the passionate, extreme seductiveness of the color red on “Love Cadenze” to the guitar shreds and slick vocals of Irene Waye on the uplifting track, “A Better Day,” listeners move from a violent adventure into shiny, hopeful, and conflicting emotional territory. The transition is like scaling down a mountain into the foothills at sunset. It’s an emotive trail that ultimately leads to the EP’s standout track, “HyperJoy.”

The closing track is a soulful hip-hop collaboration with Chicago-rapper ProbCause and ethnomusicologist Baklan Bump, both of whom are known for working with Gramatik, Bassnectar, CloZee, and GRiZ. With soulful rap verses and groovy horns, the track ultimately leads back home — where the heart and soul resides.