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deadmau5’s forthcoming remix LP has its official tracklist

When deadmau5 announced the coming of his next full-length project, here’s the drop!, many questions were raised about how the album would be playing out in terms of format and composition. What was known, however, is that the album was a follow-up of some sort to last year’s where’s the drop?, an orchestral reimagination of deadmau5’s classics by composer Gregory Reveret.

Those questions have been put to rest as mau5trap now reveals the new project’s official tracklist. The forthcoming project is a remix album of the 15-track orchestral project, with contributions from Morgan Page, Mr. Bill, PEEKABOO, Rinzen, Mad Zach, and more. Each artist is responsible for taking on their very own remixed interpretations of the 15 orchestral adaptations on 2018’s where’s the drop? Those remixes will be considered overtures, making for one eponymous postmodern project.

The release date for deadmau5’s here’s the drop! is still unknown. Considering how Spencer Brown‘s remix of “fn pig (ov)” was just released, fans can expect the new mau5trap album to land in the next month or two.

here’s the drop! Tracklist:

01. imaginary friends (ov) [Morgan Page Remix]
02. luxuria (ov) [Tinlicker Remix]
03. coelacanth (ov) [Gregory Reveret Remix]
04. acedia (ov) [Rinzen Remix]
05. avaritia (ov) [Seismal D Remix]
06. monophobia (ov) [Sian Remix]
07. gula (ov) [Pig&Dan Remix]
08. invidia (ov) [No Mana Remix]
09. unjaded (ov) [Mad Zach Remix]
10. ira (ov) [Gallya Remix]
11. fn pig (ov) [Spencer Brown Remix]
12. hr 8938 cephei (ov) [Mr. Bill Remix]
13. superbia (ov) [Matt Lange Remix]
14. caritas (ov) [Dom Kane Remix]
15. strobe (ov) [PEEKABOO Remix]

Photo credit: Virisa Young/Insomniac Events.