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Disclosure & Sam Smith’s ‘Latch’ turns seven years old today

On this day in dance music history, October 8, 2012, Disclosure and Sam Smith released their industry-changing single, “Latch.” The then-21-year-old and 18-year-old UK production duo and now global pop-star were widely unknown to the world of electronic music, let alone pop music writ large. Now, after multiple Grammy nods for all the artists involved, Smith’s soulful vocals and Disclosure’s garage-inspired house stamp are being used in sets the world over.

“Latch” would later be featured on Disclosure’s debut album, Settle, released in May 2013, and would be regarded as Sam Smith’s breakout single. Hard to believe seven full years has gone by and the song is still making its way into DJ sets. It merely shows how the proof was in the pudding for the track that became an instant classic right out of the gate.

Watch the music video for Disclosure and Sam Smith’s career-defining single below.