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The Widdler releases his full set from Basscenter XII

Earlier this year Bassnectar sent out an invitation to his rabid fanbase, “This Labor Day Weekend, we return to Hampton, Virginia for the dozenth Bass Center and descend upon the Hampton Coliseum for a family holiday trip through time and space.”

BassCenter was deemed Bassnectar’s autumn gathering. Taking place in Hampton for the third and final time for a while, fans gathered at the venue known as “The Mothership” for a legendary event. Joining the King of Sound would be Troyboi, K.L.O, Teklife, Ganja White Night, The Widdler, and Khiva for two nights of bass music.

The Widdler received an incredible amount of positive feedback from his set at BassCenter XII. Now he has graciously decided to release his full set from the event. Fans at the event were calling it his best set. It’s filled with all kinds of funky experimental space bass. Be sure to check it out below!