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Watch the official music video for Bluetech’s ‘Spectral Currents’

Bluetech is a name many in the mainstream electronic dance music world may not recognize. Operating on the fridges of psychedelic bass, glitch-hop, downtempo, and ambient sounds, the IDM veteran has actually been releasing music for nearly two decades. He’s not interested in garnering a huge fanbase and remains more focused on the healing aspect that music can offer people. Take his recently released meditative LP, Holotrope, for instance, which CE just reviewed upon landing last week. The album takes listeners on a journey through four movements based on Holotropic Breathwork: descending, expanding, ascending, and integrating.

Bluetech has now released a music video for “Spectral Currents,” the seventh track on the album that moves listeners into the expansion phase of meditative listening. The video follows Bluetech around his San Diego home base, composed mostly of long-shots of the artist standing alone, eyes-closed in a busy montage of city sceneries. As the camera zooms in, time-lapse cinematography reveals how Bluetech is actually meditating through all the busy hustle and bustle. The video is the perfect encapsulation of what Bluetech’s Holotrope LP stands for.