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Gesaffelstein releases surprise 6-track EP, ‘NOVO SONIC SYSTEM’

Featured photo: TAVIL.

All hail the Dark Prince of Techno!

Gesaffelstein has just surprised his burgeoning fanbase with a brand new EP, titled NOVO SONIC SYSTEM. Why surprising? Because the release comes a mere seven months after the French superstar producer delivered his critically-acclaimed sophomore album, Hyperion. The gap between his debut and second studio albums clocked in at almost half a decade.

The new Columbia-signee announced the EP just last week, too much shock and bewilderment, as Gesaffelstein takes to the project all on his own. With no collaborations on NOVO, the fully developed six-track project showcases just why everyone needs more of Gesaffelstein’s menacing compositions in their lives. It’s a welcome direction opposite of his pop-heavy collaborative LP, released earlier this year. Filled with high-energy beats and tempos, foreboding bass lines, and analog techno elements, NOVO SONIC SYSTEM is a trip into the deep abyss of Gesaffelstein’s crooning sound.

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