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Stream Above & Beyond’s highly-anticipated single, ‘Waltz’

Above & Beyond are synthesis gods as that can be heard through their eclectic designs. The UK super trio has recently released their purely meditative Flow State LP, giving listeners a fresh new taste in comparison to their typical uptempo, progressive trance-stamped material. Currently in the midst of extensive touring, Above & Beyond are still finding time for production which is reflective of their dedication.

They just released a two-track EP, Waltz, which is the same track composed in varying degrees of length. This release hits a more psychedelic trance theme which manifests through energetic wurbbles and pulsations. Above & Beyond’s subtle piano melodies, atmospheric soundscapes, and intriguing leads still make for that signature symphonic and cinematic quality felt in all their music. All around trippy and enticing, this mysterious and adventurous sequel after their Hideaway release makes for a captivating feel.