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William Black releases enticing remix of Illenium’s ‘Good Things Fall Apart’

William Black has remixed one of Illenium‘s most recent hit singles, “Good Things Fall Apart,” featuring Jon Bellion, and the touch up is absolutely breathtaking.

Black’s remix keeps the original’s future bass structure in tact, which has been deemed Illenium’s signature sound. However, Black adds a few unique twists. By distorting the bassline, tweaking different beats, and rearranging some of Jon Bellion’s heartfelt vocals, William Black creates a more electrifying yet soothing version of the song. The subtle rendition enhances the instrumental design, from the percussion to piano, by stripping away some of the exaggerated synths and allowing the organic melody flow through.

William Black is currently supporting Illenium on his Ascend tour. Catch them both before the tour ends in mid-December. Tickets can be purchased here.