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Mr. Carmack announces approaching ‘Viista’ LP to release in November

Mr. Carmack continues to strengthen his sound design, giving his audience futuristic feels that scream out pure bass innovation. A well respected and legendary producer stemming out of the West Coast, his roots have always been years ahead of the beat scene. Being a creative thinker, art gives him the ability to channel his inner ancient traits.

The inspired producer has just released Rebuild, a seven-track masterpiece which brought forth vivid sound design, impressive footwork, and full-on wonky chord progressions. In addition to his well sculpted sound stamp, Mr. Carmack seems to be deeply inspired and focused on inner work.

With more surprises underway, Mr. Carmack just announced Viista, an approaching album he’s set for wide release in November. In the comments, he writes, “Album out in November – 5+ years of work – these are the 11 songs that drove me to tears writing them – self mixed self mastered.”

The album will land at an opportune time seeing as how Mr. Carmack’s Immersion USA tour kicks off November 29.