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Mr. Carmack delivers future forward 7-track EP, ‘Rebuild’

When the Demolish EP came out earlier this year, bass icon Mr. Carmack set a new tone for musical exploration and for growth as an artist. Often organic and dark, the eight-track project was a breathtaking statement on his brand of bass music. As the project was released, listeners were left holding their breath in anticipation of its second installment, the Rebuild EP.

A short few months later and the wait is now over. The legendary producer has dropped off another seven tracks of hard-hitting, forward-thinking music. Mr. Carmack’s projects have always given off the feel that they’ve come from years in the future, and fittingly so since he has often set the tone for emergent styles of underground bass music in the past.

The Rebuild EP is no different, offering a selection of sounds that listen like they’ve come back from the future. The new EP also manages to sound distinctly like a classic Carmack project with heavy trap bass, anthemic synth work, and head-nodding syncopated drum work. The track “CARTIER” with Great Dane is an example of this dichotomy, expertly straddling the line between futuristic, unheard music and prototypical banger.

The difference between Mr. Carmack’s two-part EP project seems clear. While they are distinctly part of the same concept, the Rebuild EP grows from the ashes of what the Demolish EP burned to the ground. Tracks like “NEW SQUAD” have a brighter, uplifting feeling, while the emotional “For Billy” is a standout in terms of emotional meaning packed into instrumental music.

Mr. Carmack continues to tour this fall and winter. A full list of dates can be found here.