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Hi I’m Ghost & KJ Sawka stomp the noise with ‘Lies and Egos’

Hi I’m Ghost and KJ Sawka have joined forces on a floor stomper of a tune, “Lies and Egos.” The unlikely collaboration stands out by cutting through the mental chatter with a rock-fueled bass line and a dark lyrical twist. Kj Sawka’s exceptional drumming skills is prominent which blends intuitively with Hi I’m Ghost’s dubstep-centric sound design.

The lyrics in this track scream through bottled up emotional neglect triggered through fed up lies that fires into the ego, obscuring the truth. Driven bass leads roll through powerful and thrilling synthesis that strikes the disruption. The guitar provides a balancing input and soothing gesture to the nu-metal release. This uncanny collaboration takes the fusion of rock and dubstep to new heights.