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Madeon shines light on his battle with mental health and announces new single ‘Be Fine’

Madeon‘s Good Faith releases are finally back as fans were beginning to wonder what the hold up was in the first place. Madeon began the release of Good Faith earlier in 2019, but put the project on hiatus for much-needed reflection time.

Madeon took to Instagram to talk openly about the cause of the delay of his new album. He reveals that after putting together an epic show for Lollapalooza Chicago, he felt more depressed and exhausted than ever. After taking a few months break, Madeon expresses the love and empathy he felt from his fans after his expression of needing time for introspection. His return has been highly anticipated and this new release marks a new beginning for the producer.

“That’s the intimate theme of this work to me: making sense of joy, making sense of darkness. Along the way, over more than three years, Good Faith has been the horizon, the reason I would fight over and over again to get healthy. I want this album, this tour and all that will come after it to paint for you the picture that’s been vividly in my mind all this time.”

This upbeat track promises a bright future and that no matter how hard the internal battle may be, everything works out as it should. The new track titled “Be Fine” is full of emotional melodies and inspirational choir backing vocals, along with Madeon’s heartfelt lyrics. This single marks the beginning of a new journey of self awareness and opens up the dialogue about mental health for not only Madeon but his fans as well.