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Mike Posner finishes his 3,000 mile walk across America

On Friday, October 18, Mike Posner finished his 3,000-mile journey walking across the United States. He started this challenge in April in New Jersey trekking cross-country until he arrived at his final destination, the Pacific Ocean.

The electric producer and social media influencer declared he was doing this challenge to “find out who he will become” and because “life is better with adventures.” Posner has been documenting his entire experience via social media, while also releasing tracks from his new upcoming album A Real Good Kid. 

This journey didn’t come easy for Posner. While walking through Colorado, Posner was bitten by a rattlesnake which caused him to postpone the walk until he could fully recover. It wasn’t long until he was back on his feet, knocking out nearly 25 miles a day to his end goal with the encouragement of fans and fellow figurines in the music scene.

Posner has inspired millions of people over the last six months. He’s been using the hashtag and phrase #KeepGoing to inspire others to never give up on their dreams, no matter how rocky the journey may get or how far the finish line seems to be.

On top of the completion of the walk, Mike Posner released a new mixtape, Keep Going. In the introduction to the mixtape, Posner explains that he created these songs and affirmations to remind himself of who he is when times get hard. “I hope they can provide you with the same strength,” he says. It’s a 52-minute compilation of uplifting and inspiring messages overtop smooth beats and melodies that will encourage listeners to go after their biggest and scariest endeavors.