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Rising duo KIDSØ soothes on lush new single, ‘Sparkle’

KIDSØ‘s musical background is exceptionally expansive and eclectic. Hailing from Munich, known for its Oktoberfest celebration, and just south of its neighboring techno-centric city center, Berlin, the duo has crafted a divine approach to electronic music. At the core of their musical stamp are encapsulating beat-focused rhythms and their love for drum work, which translates into an elaborate analog live set-up.

KIDSØ’s latest offering, “Sparkle,” effectively brings a soothing flow with its luminescent melodies and deep basslines. Atmospheric ambient synths make the song whole as the vocals shine: “You’ve got the sparkle in your eyes.” All the elements, when blended together so seamlessly, leave a lasting impression on the listener. Subtle piano chords then create a smooth balancing effect to the composition as a whole. Not to mention, the single comes with a remix from Mountain Howl, which dons intricately layered textures and organic tones, making the original field recordings stand out.