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Crankdat ushers in spooky season with two-track EP, ‘FEARWORLD’

Few artists have experienced such a monumental rise to fame quite like Crankdat. The Ohio-based producer, known less widely as Christian Smith, catapulted himself to stardom just a few years ago with a series of remixes that refused to be ignored. Creatively dubbed “Re-Cranks,” the remixes began popping up in every mainstage set from DJ Snake to Marshmello, sending Crankdat on a one-way ticket to the mainstage. From there, he has gone onto to release a slew of originals that included the six-track EP, GEARWORLD VOL. 1.

Now, right in time for Halloween, Crankdat pulls back the curtain on the aptly-titled FEARWORLD EP. Clocking in at a mere two tracks, Crankdat shows off just how far he’s come with his multi-faceted, unique sound design in such a short time. From the eerie melodic chimes and darting drum claps on “Horror Hour” to the intense bassline drives and squawking melodies of “Phantom Cry,” Smith is truly an artist in every sense of the word.

What makes Smith so unique is that he is completely self-taught on all creative fronts. He designs all of his own artwork, executes his own live show visuals, and is the sole proprietor behind everything with the Crankdat stamp. Everything that fans see and hear on stage is Smith showcasing his own self-taught talents.