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La Roux returns after five years with new single, ‘International Woman of Leisure’

After five years of radio silence, electro-pop star La Roux (Eleanor Jackson) has returned to the centerstage of dance music. Equipped with a brand new single, titled “International Woman of Leisure,” the track precedes her forthcoming third studio album, Supervision, due February 7, 2020 on Supercolour Records.

La Roux first ascended into the commercial limelight in 2009 as a duo with Ben Langmaid. Their debut self-titled album, La Roux, earned a Grammy with the hit singles “Bulletproof” and “In For the Kill.” When Langmaid announced his departure ahead of La Roux’s 2014 record, Trouble In Paradise, Jackson chose to carry on the namesake as a solo creative endeavor.

Channeling exuberant pop energy, “International Woman of Leisure” boasts La Roux’s signature electro-pop sound design, unmistakable falsetto, and all-around quirky aesthetic. The accompanying Nova Dando-directed music video features Jackson as the head of a 1960s-inspired CIA-type agency called “I.W.O.L.” The camera follows the singer as she dances and belts around the brightly colored office scene in her retro-fitted threads and campy personality.

In support of her newest album, La Roux has scheduled a North American tour beginning March 2, 2020. Tickets are available now hereSupervision is also available for pre-order here.