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Phutureprimitive fuses old world and new world sound on 8-track project, ‘Congruence’

West coast bass music favorite Phutureprimitive returns with his newest project, Congruence, out now on Native Harmonix. Clocking in at eight tracks in length, it’s unclear whether the project is a longer EP or a long-form album. At the same time, its these kinds of labels that one might venture to guess that Phutureprimitive wishes to bypass entirely in favor of the journey.

The album is thus more of a collection of songs, including five unreleased original tracks, a new remix of “Praise Her” by Desert Dwellers, and three previously released singles, including collaborations with An-Ten-Nae, Adey Bell, Joe Muscatello, and NIMITAE. Congruence is a strong musical return for Phutureprimitive, which just so happens to see its release on the first day of his co-headlining tour, Altered Frequencies, with An-Ten-Nae.

Congruence is a reflection of Phutureprimitive’s own journey into his psyche, spanning over the last several years. Seeking to shine the light of awareness on his blind spots, presuppositions, motivations, and core fears, his own personal work has influenced the creative process and approach to producing music. Finding deeper levels of self-acceptance and moving through the world with a greater level of choice, influence, and congruence, has shaped the development of this release.

Phutureprimitive’s focus on emotion, and drawing from life experiences, allows for the continuation of the project to be a reflection of his own personal evolution. ‘Congruence’ being the latest insight into Phutureprimitive’s process, offers his most polished, refined and graceful release to date.