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Orenda’s debut ‘Reverie’ EP explores the battle between light and darkness

Coming off the success of his previous singles released on the Gravitas Infusion series, Orenda returns to Gravitas Recordings to make his full EP debut. The project, titled Reverie, is inspired by the marriage of ethereal musical elements with aggressive, powerful bass. Representing a battle between light and darkness, which combat overhead a fusion of world music influences, all six tracks present the stark contrast on both sides. All artistic choices have been set and the project marks the Gravitas newcomer’s first time working on a musical project of this magnitude.

Listeners are transported to a majestic land in the title track “Reverie,” hastily greeted by an enchantress who observes the battle as light and darkness collide into a powerful bass. Produced alongside Equanimous, tribal chants are consistently relayed in “Mystic Descent” to accompany the beautiful soundscape and chill oscillations that follow. Cackles precede deep dub in “Numinus” as darkness strategizes its plan of attack.

On the other side, the light warriors prepare for the next battle within a dark cave, while mystical currents flow through the water to provide strength in “Marmoris.” Glitch and dub unify in “Fracture,” lamenting on the ruptured state of the land. “You Know” is the calm before the storm, as a vibey bass prepares each side for its last chance at triumph. Featuring DTO, “Gāyatrī” concludes Orenda’s debut EP as each side embarks on an ethnic expedition towards the battlegrounds.