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Rising world artist Swayló honors new moon with single, ‘Mi Amor’

The new moon is a time to set new intentions and goals. It is the time of a new cycle and starting fresh. It is about centering one’s awareness around positive, loving intentions and raising your frequency to manifest what you’ve been dreaming about. That is exactly the mindset emergent world producer Swayló adopted when going into the studio for “Mi Amor,” his most recent single released in conjunction with today’s new moon.

Born Noah De St. Croix Kessler, Swayló pulls beat influence from his roots of New Mexico, Mexico, and Southern Africa. His line of world-inspired music seeks to foster universality, oneness, and liberation through the power of music and experiential activations. “Mi Amor” falls right in line with this vision, fusing atmospheric textures, 4×4 deep house beats, a Latin American voice feature, and hyphy hip-­hop instrumentals.

“This song is dedicated to love that is resilient. To love that can withhold the highest of integrity throughout the most trying of times, transition, and chaos,” Swayló says on his inspiration for the track. “We, humans, are nature, nature is resilient, therefore we are resilient. We are all in this together for worse or for better. So, we must make the choice to unite in love rather than in war and violence which is traumatic and causes suffering for all.”

Hot off the heels of a fresh EP release with Gravitas, Swayló is one rising electronic act that CE has set our sights on recently. His productions fit right in line with the stylings of ZHU, Nora En Pure, and CloZee, but there is an intention inherent within Swayló’s compositions that is all his own. He’s inspired by the presence of the ancient future, the duality of this fast-paced digital world intertwining with a vibrant, abundant natural earth. “Mi Amor” is one more testament to that.