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Desert Dwellers’ Liquid Bloom comes together with Poranguí and Spice Trader on ‘Ayé Yewo’

Liquid Bloom is the solo project of Amani Friend of Desert Dwellers.

As electronic music culture continues its widespread expansion, many producers have begun to draw influences and inspiration from the tribal roots of the world. The fusion of modern and ancient rhythms can be an uplifting and beautiful thing. As such, artists like CloZee, ATYYA, and the Desert Dwellers have made an impact bringing the sounds of celebrated peoples of the world to the forefront. “Ayé Yewo,” the new track from Liquid Bloom, Poranguí, and Spice Trader, is a shining example of the melding of tribal tones with modern electronic rhythms.

Amani Friend, one-half of Desert Dwellers, has long had his own project with exactly this goal in mind. Known as Liquid Bloom, the endeavor has always taken many forms but appears mostly in the global electronic community as equal parts mantra meditation and dance party. Drawing on a host of influences and frequently collaborating with a variety of artists from around the globe, Liquid Bloom can often be found “in the more subtle sonic spaces reserved for intentional ceremonies guided by ancient allies.”

Liquid Bloom is not just one person—it is a collection of collaborators who have a common goal in mind. Poranguí and Spice Trader are taking part in a long tradition of Liquid Bloom collaborative releases, and the result is both breathtaking and body-moving. Released on Desert Dwellers’ label, Desert Trax, “Ayé Yewo” speaks to the common human thread in all of us, expressed through music.