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Sully - Break The Floor EP

Sully lands on Wakaan for seismic debut EP, ‘Break The Floor’ [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Sully is one name is the rising underground bass community that consistently demands attention. The Los Angeles-based producer, who runs around as Chris Sullivant, surged onto the scene in the early part of 2019 with his debut single, “Frequency Shift.” After spending the better part of the year carefully selecting one-off releases, including the title track to his brand new EP, Sully now comes to the imminent label for all things left-field, Wakaan.

As an alum of the prestigious Icon Collective, Sully is no stranger to meticulously crafted sound design. That’s what the entire Break The Floor EP aims to prove. Clocking in at a whopping seven tracks, Sully’s debut project doesn’t just aim for a bulls-eye, he lands the kill shot. With five original tracks, and two no-name collaborations, Sully strikes straight at the jugular with an all-assault attack on the senses. All the while, he surveys the full spectrum of midtempo bass, ominous dubstep, and drum and bass.

Taken as a whole, Sully’s compositions are aggressive and foreboding at first glance. Yet, each track strikes a clean balance between the melodic spaces and the heavier landscapes with which he clearly feels most comfortable residing within. From the deep, guttural growls of “Asylum” and grinding, screeching synths on “Put It Down” to the eery, sing-song melodies and earth-shattering basslines of “Apocalypse” and “Wreck It,” the EP listens a lot like one is trapped in a deadly horror plotline with no escape. It’s almost as if REZZ and Excision had a serial killer baby whose out for blood.

With such a strong debut installment in his fledgling musical catalog, Sully sets out to spread his wings and take flight. Not only does he successfully fly the coop, his music soars. Once all is said and done, one certainty lingers: Liquid Stranger must consider himself lucky to count Sully a member of the Wakaan family.

Up next on the horizon for Sully is a collaboration with G-REX, out December 6. Stream his Break The Floor EP below and grab the free download here.