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Au5 joins forces with Nori on beautiful vocal EP, ‘Dusk’

Hailing originally from New Jersey, Denver-based melodic bass producer Austin Collins has truly taken flight in 2019. With a two-track EP and full-length Divinorum album already under his belt for the year, Au5 returns strong with fully conceptualized EP alongside rising songtress, Nori.

It seems like yesterday when Au5 was being slotted as the first opening at SkyLab XX. Now, half a decade later, the Monstercat affiliate has shown true artistic growth through a hard-working demeanor and knack for always challenging his own sound. In the process, Au5 has built a dedicated fan following around his wildly unique melodic stamp. After all, this is someone who learned the MIDI keyboard at the age of eight and was classically trained on the piano by age 12.

His newly-released Dusk EP offers guttural proof to that assessment. The four-track short player showcases Au5’s knack for collaboration. Namely, by enlisting Nori’s gracefully ambivalent vocal talents throughout the entire lyrical journey. Lyrically, it’s vulnerable and honest. Stylistically, it’s a funk-fueled journey through the realms of melodic, glitch, indie, ambient, and pop. From the vibrant textures and glitchy tones of the EP’s opening track, “Sunset,” to the ethereal terrains on its title track, all the way up until the closing track’s cascading synths and xylophone samples, Dusk is about getting close, letting loose, and letting go.

The EP is sure to envelop one in its aural riptides as much as it frees and uplifts. Listen below.

Album cover art: XNK Design.