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MUST LISTEN: INZO releases meaningful future-leaning ballad, ‘Angst’

Mike Inzano, known around his Chicago stomping grounds as INZO, is one artist whose been on CE‘s radar over the past year. The rising producer has had a busy year opening for the likes of Adventure Club, Liquid Stranger, Whethan, and Kaivon, as well as landing a spot at the inaugural Wakaan Music Festival. Not only that, the 25-year-old musician has just recently released his Multiverse EP on the esteemed Wakaan label.

Now Inzo returns with a brand new single, “Angst,” a song whose central message centers around mental health. Drawing on the future sounds of Porter Robinson, Flume, and GRiZ, “Angst” is a meaningful ballad which attempts to intellectualize and rationalize anxiety. The song is built around Alan Watts voiceover recordings, with swirling synths, atmospheric breaks, euphoric releases, and funky bass lines to boot. It’s always refreshing to hear messages explicitly centered around mental health awareness. However, INZO takes things to the next level in a technically sound, self-help direction. This is one single that will go down as one of INZO’s greatest one-off releases.

Take a listen to “Angst” below, out now on Lowly Palace. Also, be on the lookout for INZO on the road. He has three upcoming December appearances along LSDREAM and Shlump’s Universal Wub tour.