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Slow Magic releases 6-track 'Dreams' EP

Slow Magic unveils vibrant new follow-up project, ‘Dreams’

Armed with his instruments of choice—a computer, a MIDI keyboard, and a couple of drums—Slow Magic has become known for his unmistakable sound and his imaginative persona. His tribal-inspired ethos has become synonymous with not only his live image but his artistic identity as well. Lately, that has included highly cerebral world he has constructed on his Dreams Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 projects, with their ethereal mix of distorted vocals, swirling synths, and light jazz.

As it turns out, those EPs together formed the basis for Slow Magic’s newest project, Dreams, out now on the artist’s independent imprint, Imaginary Friends. The 6-track short player adds two more lucid lullabies to the storyline. Along the way, Slow Magic continues to build his fantastic, dream-induced world ever so eloquently and yet gradually.

With the addition of “Diamonds,” a synth-laden track with R&B-inspired vocals and his signature drums, Slow Magic continues to immerse listeners into his subconscious. Upon arriving at “After,” listeners happen across an ethereal number filled with 80s-synth pop progressions, exquisite keyboard arrangements, and complex tempo work guided by high-energy snares.

Slow Magic is an expert when it comes to controlling the pace and vibe of his compositions, which he uses to oh-so-effortlessly capture his listeners emotions and keep them floating on a cloud. By the end of the six-track voyage, listeners gain a slight glimpse into Slow Magic’s make-believe world such that it merely leaves them wanting to take a deeper dive.

One has to wonder whether the EP will eventually fill out a larger full-length album. After all, the cohesiveness of the project certainly leaves room for more magical journeys.