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Stream the official music video for SWAYLÓ’s ‘Desert Flower’

Arriving as his last project of the year, SWAYLÓ brings his first visual for the previously released single “Desert Flower.” The first song he released will now be the last piece of content he puts out for the year, bringing everything the electronic artist accomplished full circle. The premiere was also planned around last night’s full moon, which is centered around healing, support, and collaboration. As the last full moon of the year, it is especially important for completion and reorganization of the future.

“The date 12/12 is significant as it represents the power of believing in oneself,” SWAYLÓ elaborates. “We are so often afraid of failure and this full moon is meant to push us to leave our comfort zone.”

The song itself is all about contrast, much like a flower blooming in an empty desert. “Desert Flower” has contrasting elements from the first trap-inspired drop, followed by SWAYLÓ’s signature world house drop in the second half. In the video, this contrast is represented by tribal symbolism existing in urban and artificial settings (trains, graffiti). Spirituality is also contrasted by the luxury of clubs and fast cars. The ultimate message is that coexistence is possible. Urban exists within nature and luxury exists alongside simplicity.