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LiB’s Lakeside Launch Party to make 2020 return with Desert Hearts takeover

Year in and year out, DoLaB’s Lightning In a Bottle is the West Coast’s premiere transformational event of festival season. The line-up is always a sight for sore eyes, with every artist treating their slot as a truly powerful platform. Among the many amazing artists on the 2020 lineup, California natives Desert Hearts are slated for their official return.

Now the DoLaB has announced that the zanny DH crew will be bringing “House. Techno. Love.” to the sandy coastlines of Buena Vista Lake. Kicking off Memorial Day weekend with the wettest and wildest welcoming celebration LiB has ever seen, a proper Desert Hearts Takeover will go down at the Lakeside Launch Party.

DH co-founder Mikey Lions had a personal story to share about his love for the LiB counter-culture:

“LiB was really one of the first parties that started it all for me. I had gone to Coachella for 6 years before I finally made the trek to LIB in 2011. I remember the first night I spent at The Woogie Stage I was freaking out and screaming “This is the best party of all time! What have I been doing with my life all these years!?” A woman dressed in a vaudeville outfit tapped me on the shoulder and said, “If you like this you gotta try Burning Man”…and the rest is history. LIB introduced me to the entire counter-culture of homegrown grassroots festivals. Without me going to LIB in 2011, I don’t think we would have started Desert Hearts in 2012. I love LIB to the core and can’t wait to kick the festival off DH style in 2020!”

The Desert Heart’s crew will be kicking things off bright and early Thursday, Thursday, May 21, 2020, beginning at 11am and going till sunset.  Don’t be tardy to the party! 5-Day Passes allow attendees to arrive a day early on Wednesday, bypassing the Thursday rush and long wait times.