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Blackmill releases first melodic dubstep cut in four years

Fans haven’t heard from Blackmill in some time. The elusive melodic bass producer, born Robert Card, has come in and out of our lives every few years or months since his nefarious exit from the “EDM” scene in 2012. On those rare occasions, its usually to share a one-off song that has been striking a chord with him. Those are usually unfinished cuts clocking in at around two or so minutes, like his last one released ten months ago that was inspired by his newborn son. Before that, it was his chill-out remix of Harold Melvin’s “Wake Up Everybody” which he intended as a Christmas 2018 gift.

Now the Highlands, UK-based Scot has stepped out to deliver his first fully-completed, original melodic dubstep tune in more than four years. He has offered up the track under the aptly-titled “Redemption” as another holiday gift on Christmas Eve. Clocking in at around 6 minutes, the cut follows Blackmill’s slow-burning take on melodic dubstep, with spacious atmospheres and half-time drum patterns.

That isn’t the only good news: “Redemption” is his third completed track along with “a few more songs to complete,” which he’s considering releasing as part of a larger project. “[L]ooking at a release date next year,” continues Card. If he does go through with the release, he says he’d love to pair it with a live show, but knowing how Blackmill loves to speak in vague uncertainties, it’s not a statement that should get anyone’s hopes up. Fans are merely grateful for his latest track.

For now, “Redemption” is available for stream via YouTube (see below). The track to follow, “Feel That Love Again,” featuring Graham Brown, will arrive June 29, 2020, but is available for pre-order now.