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San Holo LAN 2019

San Holo taps Manila Killa, Golden Vessel, more for ‘album1 (a lot of remixes)’

For electronic-meets-folk-meets-pop producer San Holo, music is about experimentation. The Dutch talent, born Sander van Dijck, spent months toying with analog tape recorders, jacking his sounds into reverse, recording and re-recording samples, guitar melodies, and loops. The result was his genre-defying masterpiece, album1, which was named one of CE‘s Top Albums of 2018. It’s been a full year since the monumental debut LP release and now van Dijck is releasing the remixed version of his debut studio album via bitbird.

Now San Halo has recruited some of his favorite artists to help form an eclectic new remix album, album1 (a lot of remixes). The most noticeable names on the remix package are Manila Killa, Golden Vessel, and Laxcity. Although the rest of the carefully hand-picked artists on the album are mostly unknown producers for which Holo is attempting to give them a wide platform for getting their names out their. As each artist injects their own creative and emotional energy into each re-work, the move also presents the larger unique opportunity for the Dutchman to build an artistic circle around his bitbird sound.

Photo credit: Ryan Morse/Lights All Night.