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MUST WATCH: Stream the full Bassnectar 360 set [UPDATED]

The Bassnectar family is still reeling from his NYE 360 set a few nights ago. The Bassnectar team pulled out all the stops in Louisville, Kentucky this year. The venue, Freedom Hall, was a bit smaller, sitting at around 18K people, which is a noticeable downsize from last year’s 22K capacity. While the rig was also much smaller, it made for much better viewing and sound.

Sacaria Sound was the perfect opener as the female duo opened with their experimental UK bass sound. Dorfex Bos and Mala were also perfectly suited for the annual bass head Mecca. Of course, Bassnectar provided the main event of the decade, with a nearly three hour set that boasted a “Heads Up (2011 Version)” opener, “Weed Wit Da Macka,” “Teleport Massive” over “Blow,” and Imogen Heap’s “Hide And Seek” into an “Empathy VIP” ball drop into “Otherworlds” and “Timestretch.” Other notable rarities included “Paracosm,” “Science Fiction,” “Parade Into Centuries,” “Sexy Party,” and so many more.

360 is always the pinnacle event of the year, with bass heads pilgrimaging in from all across the country to witness the spectacle live. Thankfully, one Basshead has now uploaded the full set to YouTube for everyone’s viewing pleasure. But hurry and watch it now because the set will definitely be taken down soon.

Featured photo: Alive Coverage.