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JamL x Yung Sriracha - Xtra Sauce - CE Premiere

JamL and Yung Sriracha team up on slippery hybrid trap tune, ‘Xtra Sauce’ [PREMIERE]

Here at Conscious Electronic, we’re always looking in the cracks and crevasses of the bass music underground for shining new talents. The search has landed our sights on a sizzling new bass production between JamL (Just another music Lover) and Yung Sriracha, titled “Xtra Sauce.” The two met two years ago and the only thing we’re wondering is why it took so long for the two to join forces.

Rising from within the burgeoning bass scene in Philadelphia, JamL is the namesake of Billy Hambridge. He brings a wide range of sounds and styles to his productions and DJ sets. Armed with a sloth of heavy, crunching synth patterns, broken beats, spaced-out samples, and slippery basslines, JamL’s sound is dubstep meets electro meets trap, with a headbanger flair.

JamL said the minute he knew he wanted to pursue music production was when he attended a festival back in 2015: “Watching all these incredible DJs and producers inspire movement among crowds of thousands was life changing. From that moment I knew what I wanted to do.”

Hailing from Austin, Yung Sriracha is the Texas-based producer heating up crowds with his unique blend of sauce bass. He’s opened for the likes of Dirt Monkey, Shlump, ZEKE Beats, Toadface, Emalkay, Boogie T, and Mystic Grizzly and has his second-ever headlining appearance in Austin at the end of next month. With his ever growing fan following of sriracha lovers, he offers high energy live shows that will make anyone enlist in the “saucy fam.” Sriracha had the following to say on the track:

“The creative process is easy when you collaborate with another artist you just vibe with. Although are styles are different we managed to blend them together to create Xtra Sauce.”

Characterized by skittering synths, air tight fx, heavily laden hip-hop samples, and crawling basslines, “Xtra Sauce” goes hard in the paint. Take a listen to JamL and Yung Sriracha’s “Xtra Sauce” below.

JamL x Yung Sriracha – Xtra Sauce [Conscious Electronic Premiere]

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