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Mat Zo releases ‘Blessed Be Thy Name’ ahead of Mad Zoo DnB compilation

Electronic music heavyweight Mat Zo is packing the new year with a punch. The Grammy-nominated producer, curator, and MAD ZOO founder is dropping a label compilation with various other artists, largely centered around drum and bass. Producers like Rohaan and Chef Boyarbeatz have been teasing snippets of their contributions on social media, and now Mat Zo has released his own offering to hype up the record.

“Blessed Be Thy Name” is an exercise in furthering the styles and ways that drum and bass can be produced. Fitted with the dark tones and gritty rolling bass that characterizes many releases in the genre, Mat Zo’s take also swaps in minimal drums, atmospheric foley effects, and cleverly orchestrated sound design. Laying down a complex idea over a basic framework and meshing it well is the playground of experts, and he once again proves his prowess on multiple fronts here.

The enigmatic and catchy track’s vibe bodes well for the compilation release, titled This Is Mad Too, due out January 24th. Mat Zo and friends will take over Bass Waffles in Los Angeles on January 26 for the compilation release party.

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