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Grimes and REZZ confirmed for new collaboration

Grimes is one songstress that producers are lining up to work with. The Canadian indie-singer turned pop star recently teamed up with mau5trap favorite i_o on their track, “Violence,” as well as with SOPHIE and Nina Kraviz on a female powerhouse collab, titled “Bio-Haque.” When Grimes took to Twitter to tease the latter’s December 5, 2019 release, who other than REZZ popped into the conversation, saying “Let’s finish ours next.”

Fast forward a month and the two have returned to publicly confirm the collaboration is coming along nicely. The short and sweet exchange is enough to get anyone excited. After all, the two share a similar production aura with their experimental styles, supernatural vibe, and mysterious allure. So it hardly seems surprising that the fellow Canadians are working together.

Grimes’ fifth studio album, Miss_Anthropocene, is set for wide release on February 21. She has released four singles from the LP, including “So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth,” “4ÆM,” “My Name Is Dark,” “Violence,” “Bio-Haque.” However, fans may have to wait a bit longer for her REZZ collaboration.