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Rob Swire teases first Pendulum release in 9 years

The word is out on new Pendulum music, it appears. The band’s co-founder and frontman, Rob Swire, recently took to his personal Instagram account where he shared a short music clip with a caption, “30 second WIP demo.” The teaser is chocked full of the classic-sounding Pendulum elements: hooky lyrics, strong electro-drops, and an anthemic hard rock vibe.

To take things a step further, Swire also tagged in Pendulum’s main profile, leading some to believe this is an official confirmation. After all, it ensures the music is most certainly new material from the globally prominent band and not a new project or bizarre directional shift for Knife Party.

The sound clip marks the first sign of new studio Pendulum material since 2010’s Immersion LP and the band’s last single in 2011, “Ransom.”