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Benji Robot opens downtempo night at Tipper & Friends New Orleans

Stream Benji Robot’s full set from Tipper & Friends New Orleans

Benji Robot (real name Benji Roman) may be a name unbeknownst to many, but that’s all about to change very soon. The Michigan-based Mean Mug Music producer has got a collaboration with Mystic Grizzly on the horizon and will soon release his debut album. What better way to build hype for such a monumental career step than opening for the godfather of glitch, Dave Tipper.

During his three-night Tipper & Friends stop in New Orleans, which just took place inside the majestic Saenger Theatre, Benji Robot was the first opening act on downtempo night. Teaming up with visual artist DRO1D, the two brought an inter-dimensional audio-visual experience to life for the crowd. Armed with DRO1D’s outer worldly visuals, Benji’s eccentric musical approach propelled the mind-bending visuals to cosmic proportions. Not to mention, he delivered nine unreleased songs during the set, which will likely be on the the upcoming LP.

The hour-long set was a soothing downtempo journey into psychedelica, with layers upon layers of glitchy, immersive basslines, calming tones and serene atmospheres, spacey synths, and spoken word samples that took excerpts from existential philosophy. At times dark, gritty, and peculiar, at others uplifting, coddling, and nostalgic, Benji’s eccentric beats was the talk of the weekend. By the end of it all, listeners had difficulty grasping what was reality and what it was that they were watching and listening along to.

Benji Robot’s 11-track debut album, Sedona, is scheduled for release on February 2. Stream his entire Tipper & Friends set below.


The Final Stage in Human Evolution*
Miles Away*
The Deep End*
The Forest at Night VIP
Cactus Jam
Turn of the Millenium
Double Helix*
Pebble Tossed*
Lava Lamp*
Time Barrier
Greta Thumpberg*
The Little Things*

* selection from Sedona LP