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Bassnectar announces Be Interactive 808 camping event

The iconic Roland TR-808 drum machine, commonly referred to as “the 808” by hip-hop and electronic aficionados, forever changed the music industry upon being introduced to the market in the 1980s. As such, a sacred day for many producers and fans falls on the 8th of August every year. Bassnectar is one of those many few. In fact, the Bay Area producer has an entire song dedicated to the 808. Not to mention, his rabid following of bass heads annually celebrate the day. Longtime fans may even remember Bassnectar’s legendary 808 set at Moonrise 2015.

Now comes the time for bass heads to gather once more and observe 808 day — this time, at an official Bassnectar-curated event. Slated as his official Be Interactive 2020 charity event, the entire Bassnectar crew will host a full scale camping event in Somerset, WI. Considering how tiny of town Somerset is, one can safely bet that it will be held at the famous Somerset Amphitheater, which was the former home of Summer Set Music Festival, where Bassnectar headlined three years in a row. After all, it is the largest outdoor amphitheater and camping venue in the Twin Cities and western Wisconsin area.

Image result for somerset amphitheatre

Aerial view of Somerset Amphitheater grounds.

Quite some time has passed since Bassnectar threw down at his very own outdoor camping event… not since BassCenter IX at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, Colorado. When he did, locals filed complaints with the city counsel over the noise decibel levels. Thus, the famous phrase was born: “I thought it was an earthquake.”

The event will be a fundraiser for Be Interactive, a 501-c nonprofit organization that Bassnectar founded to give back to the community. Their mission is to “inspire the empathetic” and make a positive impact on humanity through kindness, creativity, volunteering, and charity. The event was held previously in San Fransisco and Nashville, with 100% of ticket proceeds going to charity.

Be Interactive’s 808 lineup, official venue, camping information, and ticket sales will be announced soon.

Photo credit: @AliveCoverage.