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Yheti surprises fans with an incredible 11-track LP, ‘The Party Has Changed’ [Album Review]

Photo credit: @c2h2photo.

Almost a year has passed since Yheti released his Deformed EP. Since then, most of the Ohio native’s time has been spent making music with Toadface and Mt. Analogue and touring as The Trifinity. The trio released a 17-track album, The Grand Awakening, and subsequently spent all last festival season traveling the US spreading their uniquely misfit, yet spiritually-attuned, and farcical message to the masses.

Yheti also apparently spent a lot of that time on the side perfecting his latest work of art, The Party Has Changed, which he has kept tightly under wraps. Without any forewarning, and not even hinting at album teasers over time, the experimental producer surprised released the 11-track project in the wee hours of the morning today.

It’s clear that Yheti has really been honing in and mastering his craft. In the process, he’s made some major contributions to experimental bass and future sound. While his signature style still remains present, he’s also veering off into a whole new realm, perhaps setting the tone for the new year. Mustering up oddly futuristic instrumental sounds, unique vocals, and a variety of altered instruments, Yheti has crafted a true sonic masterpiece.

From start to finish, this 11-track LP is an eccentric journey from the deep depths of the earth all the way up into outer space and back again. From the serene soundscapes and calming down tempo in the opening track, “3 Hits,” to the organic overtones of birds chirping in “A Little Bit Goes A Long Way,” Yheti incorporates all the natural elements into the album. It’s a sound that comports with Yheti’s live performances, which are an always morphing, infinitely detailed, and ever expanding sound sculpture.

Yheti seeks out with the intention of creating an immersive environment for his listeners and accomplishes it through high energy bass, deep rhythms, and soul driven melodies. Tuning into the slow, low moving frequencies of heavy sub bass in “Signals From Above” and retro-synths in the Stranger Things-adjacent track, “Inside A Simulation,” Yheti sends messages to those who can hear. Indeed, this is a producer who plays with the souls of those open to the more experimental, surreal, low end side of electronic music.

Yheti then switches things up by tuning into a cartoonish environment on “Weird Trumpet,” which stands as a rather unconventional mix of weird wubs, psychedelic progressions, and an extremely moveable beat structure.

Finally, Yheti wraps the album up with the short and sweet track, “Pushing Toward the Light,” a meditative record that guides listeners into higher states of consciousness and helps them see—or feel, rather—the light.

Yheti is preparing to head to Okeechobee early next month, where it’s very likely he’ll be unloading a lot of his new music, before heading to New Orleans for a double-header in lieu of Buku. He also just announced three more upcoming shows in Boulder, Ft. Collins, and Avon, Colorado.

Tickets and dates are available on Yheti’s website.

Yheti – The Party Has Changed LP

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