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The Trifinity release 17-track album, ‘The Grand Awakening’ + new tour dates

Today marks a good day in the underground bass movement because fans have been given a heady experiment in conscious bass music. The Trifinity have released their consummate LP, The Grand Awakening, which has been almost two years in the making. The 17-track release follows their most recent album tease with the single, “Crystal Portal.”

As the triadic brainchild of YhetiToadface, and Mt. Analogue, the super trio have been making a name for themselves on bass music festival stages all summer long. Now, in the midst of their Grand Awakening tour, they’re album by the same name proves why the bass music world needs more of their spiritual explorations through the cosmic universe.

“We’ve worked on this album for almost two years,” said Yheti over his socials. “Every track is inspired by a different genre of electronic music and tells a story of a person feeling enlightenment through new age spirituality which leads into deep madness and then becomes reborn again through the same system that lead to madness.”

From the “666” vocal samples of “Leave a Message,” to the wildly experimental sounds of “The Third Ear,” the whole project is playfully postmodern, with satirical samples that seek to undermine its campy spiritual exploration. The Grand Awakening is a direct product of the three poking fun at the very musical genre they seek to render in the service of expanding consciousness. It’s a project which sees itself seeing itself, much like their satirical live performances.

In tandem with the LP release, The Trifinity has also released the third phase of their album-accompanying Grand Awakening tour. View tour dates below, which includes added dates in Las Vegas, Orlando, Syracuse, and Philadelphia.

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