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The Trifinity go full camp on experimental bass single, ‘Crystal Portal’

How does one put The Trifinity experience into words exactly? One part cult, another part camp, with a whole dose of heavy, experimental bass, The Trifinity is the brainchild of YhetiToadface, and Mt. Analogue. With wildly strange live shows, where the trio arrives in hooded robes, passes around recruitment brochures in the crowd, and holds up crystals to channel their vibratory frequencies, it’s hard to tell whether The Trifinity is recruiting a pseudo-scientific cult or just making fun of themselves. Either way, it’s a whole B-level aesthetic that pairs perfectly with the strange bass they deliver.

While in the midst of their Grand Awakening tour, the three producers have called on Otto Von Schirach, who they jokingly dub the “Bermuda Triangle Prince,” for a new experimental bass single that is every bit as playful as it is catchy. The track, which follows their “Dark Triangle” released last month, is an ode to the past, complete with throwback verses and bassline beats that nod to 90s-early 2000s hip-hop.

“With the crystals, we have unlocked the potential of the pineal gland,” says the track’s description. “Embrace your destiny, and maximize your human potential!

Much like a Trifinity live set, “Crystal Portal” doesn’t take itself too seriously on any level. Characterized by its hilarious lyrics and retro-fitted vibe, the song itself listens like an anthem to their very own moniker.