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Mr. Bill releases ‘Wub’ EP featuring Dirt Monkey, SubDocta, and more

To say Mr. Bill has been an inimitable force in the bass music world may be a bit of an understatement. With releases on mau5trap, Subcarbon, Deadbeats, Wakaan, and his newly-formed IDM label, Billegal Beats, the 31-year-old Australian beatmaker has been releasing for decades under his wildly experimental stamp. In fact, one would be hard-pressed to find a bass head who hasn’t experienced the Mr. Bill sound. He’s even launched his very own podcast series in the service of moving his reputation further into the prolific tastemaker status.

Now Mr. Bill is continuing to try on new labels for size with the release of his Wub EP, out now on Dirty Monkey‘s new imprint, 19K. The four-track effort is entirely made up of collaborations, with 19K label head Patrick Megeath (aka Dirt Money), SubDocta, Hullabalo0, and Jonah Hodges each bringing their own heavy touches to the project. The Wub EP surveys the vast spectrum of bass, from ragga-jungle and breakbeat to low-tempo riddim and heavy dubstep. The result is an EP that is stylistically finely-tuned, cleverly playful, and full of range and dexterity.

Mr. Bill will be bringing his new Wub sound on a quick co-headlining tour run with Mersiv this month, beginning in lat September and rounding out in mid-October. See a full list of tour dates below.

Mersiv & Mr. Bill