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Wreckno & Super Future release Hypernatural EP

Wreckno & Super Future slice straight into the soul on 4-track ‘Hypernatural’ EP

Rising bass partners-in-crime Wreckno and Super Future have been teasing their Hypernatural EP since last November. When the Michigan-based newcomers released “Bout Me,” the project’s wider release and accompanying tour was all anyone in the underground bass community could talk about. Now their collaborative short player comes to full fruition with four cohesive tracks that range from immersive and uplifting to all-out heavy and down and dirty.

“It’s got that sort of hype GET YOUR BOOTY SHAKIN type energy, and we kinda both bonded over our desire to have more of that in the bass music scene,” says Wreckno on the two producer’s combining their creativity.

The producers take turns over who leads on each track, switching between moods and flavors that service the EP’s overall mission. That is, to induce a genre-blending, romp-shaking good time. First up is the Super Future-led title track, “Hypernatural,” a powerfully hypnotic record which envelopes and expands into a resonant reverb that slices straight into the soul. Pulling heavily on hip-hop samples and a wealth of 808s, “Bout Time” blends bewildering high-end arps with bass lines that are dense, weighty, and thick.

Wreckno takes up the twerk-bop experimental gem, “Signal,” and the more electro-leaning, Missy Elliot-adjacent track, “Rumpapum!” When one pieces together the entire EP, what listeners are given is an immersive ride of twists and turns that perfectly blends the two producers’ sound stamps. Above all, Hypernatural exudes an ethos of pure and unadulterated fun between two friends. This is music to move to and music that moves you.

“It’s honestly been one of the best working relationship and friendships that I’ve had come into my life in the last year,” Wreckno continues. “I hadn’t really had anyone to bounce my vocal ideas off of that could be translated to the right style of music, and with Nick that FINALLY happened.”

Also, don’t forget to check out phase one dates for Wreckno and Super Future’s Hypernatural tour, with more TBA dates to come. Tickets are available here.

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