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Justin Jay teams up with longtime friend Josh Taylor on relaxed, soulful single, ‘I Just Wanna Sleep’ 

Former Dirtybird savant Justin Jay is continuing to push personal boundaries on his quest for artistic fulfillment. The multi-talented musician has been going beyond the electronic decks since 2017’s Home and has continued to develop his live instrumental style on 2019’s Everything Will Come Together Pt. 1. With the second part arriving later this year, Justin Jay now taps long-time friend and college roommate, Josh Taylor, on their recent single, “I Just Wanna Sleep.” The joint effort also sets the stage for Taylor’s upcoming album, Breakfast in Bed.

“We made this song in my bedroom. Benny Bridges played some bass and guitar. Our homie Danny lent us a really janky keyboard that he found at GoodWill and it’s the secret sauce of the track,” Jay says on the making of the track.

Drawing from both Justin’s dance/rock sensibilities and experimental allures and Josh’s laid back songwriting, the new collaboration spans the two former classmates’ distinct styles. The pair actually began collaborating shortly after graduating college and quickly found success with songs like “Let Go”, “What Do You Want,” and “Pussy Pop,” which was remixed by Hot Creations co-founder Jamie Jones. Taylor provides some comical context on the song’s rather explicit meaning:

Honestly, I just don’t like being woken up in the morning and figured writing a song about it would be the nicest way to tell my girlfriend,” says the musician. 

Everything Will Come Together Pt. 2 will land as a self-released project on Justin Jay’s imprint, Fantastic Voyage. Thus far, Justin Jay has released one other track from the forthcoming project, “Stop,” featuring Tima Dee.

Featured photo: Benny Bridges.