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Disclosure goes 4-for-4 on the week with newest single, ‘Etran’

Its official, Disclosure is on another flurried release bender. Most fans will remember in 2018 when the pair released a flurried rush of five releases all over the course of five days. Now they’ve confirmed to the world that this is their preference for doing things, especially given how they’ve unveiled three songs in the last three days. Now, in their fourth release of the week, Disclosure delivers “Etran,” featuring the Afrobeat stylings of Niger-based band, Etran Finatawa.

On Monday, the UK brother duo delivered the afro-pop single, “Ecstasy.” On Tuesday, fans got “Tondo,” which heavily sampled Cameroonian musician Eko Roosevelt. Yesterday, it was the Boz Scaggs-inspired single, “Expressing What Matters.” There’s a definite theme going on in this current frenzy of releases. “Over the past few years we’ve explored more and more African genres of music,” the Lawrence brothers note.

On the newest single, Disclosure had the following to say over Twitter: “The bulk of this samples Niger-based band Etran Finatawa. With this one we are exploring an idea… How far can we take a sound that’s somewhere in the realm of house music, until it morphs into a whole new being. Colliding genres together in a mash of pulsating, repeating rhythms and tones… this is the furthest we have ever taken that idea.”