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Boys Noize reveals two new singles, 'Girl Crush' & 'Buchla 100'

Disclosure is on another release spree with three singles in three days

Disclosure‘s release pattern has been everything but typical over the past year. Static, wall-to-wall, and frenzied are a few better words for it. Most fans will remember in 2018 when the UK brother duo released a flurried rush of five releases all over the course of five days. The year also spawned “Ultimatum,” featuring Fatoumata Diawara, which would garner a Grammy nod just months later. Disclosure has now returned with three new singles delivered over the last three days, proving that the Lawrence brothers are on a release spree yet again.

Over the past few years, Disclosure has said they’ve been experimenting with more and more African genres of music. Their first release, “Ecstasy,” blends groovy afro-pop elements with bluesy chords, a soulful repetitive vocal sample, skittering percussion, and Disclosure’s unmistakable 4/4 kicks. The second track, “Tondo,” is fast, punchy, fun, and designed for the dancefloor. The record heavily samples the song “Tondoho Mba” by Cameroonian artist Eko Roosevelt, giving it a retro feel that harkens back to the late days of disco.

The third track, “Expressing What Matters,” flows through a similar retro vein with a throwback disco vibe, scuttling breakbeats, and soulful brass sections. Disclosure had the following to say of the track in a press statement,

“This track samples the legendary song ‘Lowdown’ by Boz Scaggs. We really wanted to try and focus in on those wonderful backing vocals that permeate through the original & give it such soul. They ended up becoming the focal point of the entire track… bring chopped and skewed to their limit. The whole thing was one big audio science experiment for us.”

All of the records come with visual accompaniments that feature aerial views of the Lawrence brothers playing over a packed-out warehouse crowd. Watch all three singles below, out now via Universal Music.

Photo credit: Ronan Park.