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bass music producer kLL smTH leans against wall

kLL sMTH makes his Bassrush debut with heavy DnB single, ‘Decoy’

There’s just no hiding the fact that the CE staff are huge fans of kLL sMTH. As the underground bass moniker of Denverite Kris Edland, we’ve been following him since the days of his Dirtybird Campout West appearance. Edland even has a softer chill-out project by the name of cHLL sMTH, which was included in CE‘s Rising Bass Spotlight, alongside many other budding names in underground bass. Now the swift bass music up-and-comer has crossed another career milestone as he debuts on Insomniac‘s budding bass label, Bassrush.

The track is titled “Decoy” and what makes it so intriguing is how it breaks stylistically from kLL sMTH’s heady low end bass trademark sound. For all intent and purposes, “Decoy” is Edland’s attempt to enter into conversation with the long-established UK drum and bass. Equipped with a punchy bass line, supercharged tempos, swift breakbeats, and ragga vocal samples, “Decoy” is much more than an attempt, however; it’s a shoot and score. Why? Because kLL sMTH is proving exactly how DnB should be executed in the classic sense.