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Bassnectar drop unreleased drum and bass ID on Okeechobee 2020 crowd

Bassnectar drops unreleased DnB bomb on Okeechobee 2020

Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival is currently making its glorious return on Sunshine Grove this weekend in South Florida. After taking a year off in 2019, the newly-partnered Insmoniac/Soundslinger festival kicked off Friday night with a legendary Bassnectar (aka Lorin Ashton) set the likes of which bass heads have never seen before. There’s no denying that Okee is a bonafide Bassnectar family festival. After all, the Bay Area amorphous bass producer has played four of the festival’s four years, with Ashton routinely unleashing his best and most rare tracks on the crowd of spring break festival goers.

During the set, Bassnectar delivered plenty of his classics with new layers and acappellas. A noteworthy few included “Mind Tricks” with a “Kick It Complex acappella, “Dreamcatcher,” a remix of his very own “Teleport Massive,” and the stop-you-in-your-tracks fan-favorite “Unlimited Combinations.” However, the talk of the festival came early in the set when Bassnectar decided to test out a brand new, unreleased ID: “This one is raw and unfinished, that was a little test drive,” Ashton said to a roaring crowd.

Thankfully, Bassnectar’s adoringly committed fanbase took to the internet immediately with the ID track. Of course, the track went viral over night. While the track’s name is still unknown, Bassnectar confirmed via Twitter that the rap verses come from UK hip-hop artist Rodney P, known as the “Godfather of British Rap.” If the song sounds familiar, it’s because it appears that Bassnectar uses the same stems from “Hectic,” a heavy-hitting collaboration that Bassnectar unleashed at DejaVoom almost a year ago to the date.

Plus, there’s a heavy drum-and-bass drop towards the middle, which is reflective of Bassnectar’s current live direction. Make no mistake, any committed bass head will tell you Bassnectar’s recent curated sets have been heavily laced with DnB over his past few months


Oh, yea… and a rocket ship blasted off during Bassnectar’s set care of Elon Musk‘s latest Space X launch, Falcon 9. If one didn’t know any better, it might almost seem as if the two were in cahoots over the rocket launch. Either way, fans couldn’t have asked for a more original Bassnectar set to officially kick off festival season.

Featured photo: Keith Griner/Phierce Photo.