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Desert Hearts 2020 postponed until fall amid California’s coronavirus large event ban

With California’s state of emergency plans now in full effect, the state-enforced large-event ban has led to the cancellations of both March’s Beyond Wonderland and May’s Lightning in a Bottle. Now Desert Hearts, which was originally slated for April 23-27, joins as the third event in the state to have to make the tough call to prevent the spread of the massively contagious coronavirus.

Today, festival organizers officially made the call to postpone their flagship gathering until October 22-26. Despite the temporary disappointment, Mikey, Marbs, Porkey, and Papa always have a way of remaining uplifting and loving for their community:

“We understand that right now as human beings we’re headed into uncharted territories and things are about to get really strange. But let’s take a little comfort in the fact that we’re all going through this together,” Desert Hearts officials said in the statement. “Right now it feels like we need to be putting out as much love and positivity into the world as we can. Even if we can’t hug each other, or gather like we’re used to, we can still give love and lift those around us.”

This isn’t the first time the Desert Hearts crew felt the effects of COVID-19 on their events. Two of the label/collective’s shows had already been called off in San Diego and San Francisco due to cornavirus outbreaks on the west coast.

All refunds and exchanges for the post-poned dates will be granted, organizers concluded. No line-up had been revealed for Desert Hearts’ 2020 edition insofar as the festival organizers like to hold that off until the last minute to encourage attendees to come for the community more so than the musical names.