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Calvin Harris drops off third EP under acid-house side-moniker, Love Regenerator

When Calvin Harris launched his new Love Regenerator project at the top of the new decade, the Scottish superstar producer said he wanted to get back to how he made music at the beginning of his career. That was 22 years ago, before the days of big-box studio expectations, before the days of outside fan reception, and global fame. That is, he wanted to produce acid house that odes back to the early rave days when “acid” began seeping into UK dance culture from across the pond in Chicago.

Harris thus launched the new acid-tinged endeavor with his first and second installments of Love Regenerator, which explored the spectrums of breakbeat, techno, trip-hop, and house. Now Harris releases his third EP in the trilogy, Love Regenerator3, to close out the series, which delves deeper into the depths of house. Complete with ubiquitous programmed four-on-the-floor beat, Roland 303 squelches, psychedelic sound fx, and catchy melodies, the EP’s two tracks come as extended originals, shorter “edit” cuts, and one Acid Reprise for “Peace Love Happiness.”