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Jamtronica three piece band SunSquabi pose inside Meow Wolf while on tour in Santa Fe

SunSquabi bring new animated dimension to the bio-hacked figure of the ‘SteamCat’ [WATCH]

SunSquabi have been carving out their niche “hydro-funk” genre since 2015. Following the release of their latest studio full-length, Instinct, the Colorado-based hydro-funk trio have wasted no time in releasing new music. The band released their latest funkadelic single in “SteamCat” just last week, although it has been road-tested long before entering into the studio. Now the track is being accompanied by an official music video with amazing animations.

“We have been playing this track out live for a bit now and have really honed in on making the song as big as possible with the audience,” says the band’s guitarist, keyboardist, and production guru, Kevin Donohue. “The response has been amazing out there and we can’t wait to show you the rest of what we have in store in these upcoming releases.”

The video begins with a caterpillar in a chrysalis, images which reference two previous releases that make up a three-song cycle ending with “Night Moth.” While the night moth metaphors abound, the music video’s central theme follows the time travels of the bio-hacked AI figure of the “SteamCat,” which finds his way back to the ancient Egyptian ruins where he comes into contact with his ancestors.

Sonically, “SteamCat” adheres to SunSquabi’s proven hydro-funk formula. Visually, though, SunSquabi makes the bold move into a territory where the band has never gone before — animation.

For more information and upcoming tour dates visit SunSquabi’s official website.